Ready For

Thoroughly tested in the field to ensure adherence to the specific mobility requirements of tactical pants.

10 Functional Pockets
(+4 inner pockets)

Closed cell, perforated foam for bacteria and moisture resistant ventilation.

Extended Gusset

Runs through crotch and inside leg for maximum range of motion.

Holster Ready

Flex Action waistband snugly accommodates IWB and other low vis tactical holsters.

First In Women's Fit and

Designed for durability over a lifetime of action and crafted to wear comfortably in the field, First Tactical’s Advanced Women's Fit addresses the specific needs of women’s tactical clothing by providing a contoured cut for a specialized solution. Featuring the Flex Action Waist™ and manufactured with premium materials and key reinforcement features, these tactical pants for women are the perfect fit.

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