Behind The Design: Pouches & Attachments

Now after doing a full in-depth breakdown of our Tactix Backpack, now it’s time dive into the all the additional components designed to be used in conjunction with all our larger bags and packs. Whether you’re using our laser cut platform on our Tactix Backpack or our standard molle/pals configuration on our Specialist Backpack, any of our great selection of pouches and attachments will allow you customize and expand your kit the way you want it. As you read on, we’ll breakdown the features of each accessory and how you can use it on your next mission.

Platform Pouches

Perfect for storing small gear and oriented east-west, the 9X6 Pouch shares most of the same feature sets on our 3X6, 6X6, and 6X10 pouches. This has YKK® Zippers, 500D nylon on the outside, and Duraflex® hardware for strength and durability. It has a full loop panel on the front for morale patches and name tapes and laser cut platform on the back with three quarter inch webbing to make it a little easier to manipulate.

We designed the interior to be used the different ways. As you open pouch, you’ll notice we have a nice light colored removable padded low-vis liner. Simply undo the hook and loop fastener and take the lining out and you’ve now got two separate containers; a soft pouch and the cushioned organizer. You’ll notice the organizer has a bright yellow hi-vis exterior, which can be used as a signaling device or simply turn it inside out and reinstall it in the pouch for a nice color contrast. Again, great for little personal items and electronics; easily stored and accessible on the outside of your pack.

Sharing all the great features of the pouches previously mentioned, we also have a H2O Bottle Pouch - 1L that can be converted into a dump pocket. After removing the foam liner, because the soft pouch has half platform you can roll the soft pouch up into itself and clip close. Clean up and store spent brass, haul an extra camera lens or carry three bananas – the choices are limitless.

A little more specialized and a favorite of ours is the Eyewear Pouch. For those of us who carry expensive eyewear or if you’re just a complete klutz you’ll want this crush resistant compression molded must-have. With that slight compression closure, you can keep the case unzipped so you can change your glasses intermittently without fear of having them fall out. As an added bonus we also included a lens cloth that’s attached in the inside so you don’t have to use your dusty sweaty t-shirt to clean your lenses.

Waist Belt Attachment System

When carrying a heavy load our Tactix Waist Belt can be a real lifesaver. On the small area down low you’ll notice a tunnel where you can slide the belt all the way through. Match the loop sided fastener on the belt to the hook side platform inside the channel of the backpack for a snug secure fit. There are straps on the outside that interact with tri-glides on the backpack to lock it in place. When wearing for long periods of time it’ll disperse some of the weight off your shoulders and also keep your pack from sloshing around on mission.

Hook & Hang Thru™

Before moving to the accessories designed for the inside of the backpack, we want to touch on our Rifle Sleeves. Standalone our sleeves are great, but when paired with any one of our backpacks they transform into a superior weapons transport system. Available in 3 sizes – 36”, 42”, and 50” they all have reinforced handles, compression straps, lockable YKK® zippers and Duraflex® hardware. They share the same 500D nylon exterior, but we went with a softer 300D on the interior. When unzipped they open all the way up so you can use it as a shooting mat when laying on the ground; helps keep that hot or cold off your body. We also have a molded cup to protect your firearm or breaching tools from exterior elements and from creating wear on the inside of the sleeve.

On each backpack there is a one-inch width pass-through pocket which is great for storing laptops and tablets, but it was designed specifically for our rifle sleeves. Unzip the top and the bottom, put your arm all the way through, grab hold of the sleeve and pull it until the two hooks on the backpack interact with the two hooks on the sleeve. A true match made in heaven, now all that’s left to do is put it to work.

Interior Organizer Pouches

Lastly, moving into the interior of our backpacks we have a large loop panel spanning the entire length/width so you can affix any combination of our gray Interior Organizer Pouches. Each of these pouches has a micro mesh window that is see through to easily identify and scan belongings. If you have a scanner, you can easily take inventory and if you’re in a situation where you need to direct someone to retrieve an item out of your bag, we have six different colored zipper pulls to allow you to clearly communicate and find specific items. Red for IV, Blue for airway - turning your tactical backpack into a med pack.

A truly remarkable system designed for all those neat freaks out there. Dress is up or down, the choice is yours. We love to see pictures on how you organize your kit, so please send them our way. Have fun, be safe out there.